Benoit, a Classic Bistro, Just Around the Corner

One of the best restaurants in the city is just around the corner–and it’s been there for over 100 years! Run by Alain Ducasse, it’s a splurge but it’s perfection. We love the roast chicken and the cassoulet, though they aren’t always on the ever-changing menu. Oh, and I love the baba au rhum for dessert!


20, Rue Stain Martin


Easy Dinner in the ‘hood at Le Grizzli

Drop in at Le Grizzli, a favorite spot for a simple and friendly meal. It’s open all day, so go early for a cafĂ©-creme or at midnight. Great for kids, too. The menu is classic French: onion soup and escargots, roast chicken and steak-frites. The ambiance in great. You might just make some friends at the next table.

Le Grizzli

7, rue St. Martin