Jazz in Paris

Jazz is as much a part of Parisian culture as its art galleries and café life. Think Billie Holliday, Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, and Miles Davis. They–and many others–were welcomed in Paris while America wasn’t quite so hospitable. Their legacy lives on.

Here are some jazz clubs that are a quick walk from the Hôtel de Ville. Click on the links to see who’s playing:

Le Baiser Salé, 58, rue des Lombards, 75001

Duc des Lombards, 42 rue des Lombards, 75001

La Peniche Le Marcounet, A great place–on a peniche (barge) on the Seine–to hear music in the summer. Located at the foot of the Pont Marie, 75004

Sunset Sunside Jazz Club, 60 rue des Lombards, 75001

Le 38 Riv’, 38, rue de Rivili, 75004

And for all the jazz going on throughout the city, visit Paris Jazz Club.

To get in the spirit, rewatch ‘Round Midnight, Bertrand Tavernier’s classic movie about jazz in 1950s Paris.