Easiest Way to the HdV

It’s easy to grab a taxi at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, but it’s even easier (and cheaper) to use public transportation to get into town.

I usually walk across the airport terminal then head down a flight to the train station where I buy an RER ticket to Paris at the automatic billeterie. It costs just over 10 euros. (Note: Your credit card must have a chip to use the machine. It also accepts euros. Also, keep your ticket handy. You’ll need it to get into this station and out of the station on the other end.)

I hop on the RER B train and take it to Châtelet-Les Halles stop. All the trains pulling in here go to Paris, but look at the screens to see which one will be going non-stop. Either one will get you to the city.

When you get out in the massive Châtelet-Les Halles stop, look for signs for the Porte Berger exit. There’s an elevator there if you prefer that to escalators. When you arrive on street level, turn left on rue Berger and continue walking, crossing several streets including Boulevard Sebastopol, until you see the Pompidou Center (left) and Stravinsky Fountain (right) with the magical, moving sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle.

Stravinsky Fountain, with St Merri Church, as seen from the Pompidou Center. HdV is around the upper-left hand corner.

Cut across the fountain plaza, turn left at the crêperie, then take the first right, a tiny street called rue Les Juges Consuls . At the end of the street is a red door. That’s yours!